name: sohma g. dawling/rosalie/theinnocence

birthday: march 2, 1979 (pisces/sheep)

# of siblings: 3. one younger over protective brother. one half (by my mother) older and crazy brother. one older half ( by my father) sister.

Why is your "Little" brother so uber?: because it's in our blood.

relationship status: very bitter and single and actually enjoying the hell out of it

height: 5'3"

hair color and cut: currently auburnish brown with a horrible mid 80s dyke cut. last time i trust a person who has a shitty haircut to do mine

shoe size: 9

bra size: 36D

how big is your mouth?: i can sometimes fit my own fist into it

can you lick your nose?: if i rip out my tongue to do so, then yes

What is your favorite curve of your own body?: the middle of my bottom lip

do you moo?: i have been known to make various noises, and occasionally a moo slips out. but i talk like a zombie more often then i moo.

favorite colors: blue. every shade of blue. every shade of a blue you.

least favorite color and what does it remind you of?hrm, i don't know. i really like almost every color. i guess yellow? reminds me of pee and nobody really wants pee on them. really.

favorite food: sushi, cheese, cheese burgers, red sour patch kids, bi bim bob, lots of fruits

which cheese is your favorite kind of cheese??? hrm, i can't say i have a favorite, they all are cheese. but i'm quite fond of extra sharp cheddar and feta. i have those two in my fridge almost all the time.

How often do you eat green beans? i honestly really don't like green beans. unless they are in a can of campbell's vegetable alphabet soup, then they just taste like preserved green chemical sticks in luscious beef broth.

favorite movies: bladerunner, brazil, empire of the sun, brewster mccloud, juliet of the spirits. anything else really bloody or action packed. zombie movies are like porn to me for some reason.

favorite directors: terry gilliam, ridely scott, federico fellini, fritz lange, mark romanek, jean-pierre jeunet, tim burton

what music do you listen to when you're unhappy? what do you listen to when you're happy? hrm, i have mixed cds for certain moods and they are even named as such, ie: music to mope by and dj free sample's happy hardcore mix and the like and the what not

favorite books: the prophet by kahlil gibran, 1984 by george orwell and others. i read a whole lot of stuff constantly.

worst fears: dark water, dead birds, realization that i'm really not that important, needles in my veins

how many people have licked your eyeball?: none, but few have tried. have tried and died.

biggest dream: to turn my journal and the accompanying photographs into a book, then making enough cash off of that to continue doing it and making art the rest of my life without worry

favorite music: i don't think i get to decide if i like the music, i think it decides whether or not it's going to like me.

crush: all hu-mans

what song makes you think of a sunny summer day? a rainstorm?: whoa. uhm, i have cds of mixed stuff i call summer music. it's really cheesy kind of stuff that makes you want to stick your head out of a moving car and sing really loud. cheesy stuff like len if you steal my sunshine and what not. rainstorms music would mostly be vangelis

if you had one super power, what would it be?: to either lessen people's emotional pain, to be able to fly really far and fast without choking on bugs or let people be able to see things my way every once in awhile

spiritual beliefs: telephone poles know everything you say. naughty naughty. it's why i use a cell phone. it's really not that hard to be nice and do what you think is right. you don't need a god to tell you that.

sexual preference: none of your gawd damned business

why do you make friends with such smartasses?: well sometimes having an intelligent conversation really isn't just enough

who was the first celebrity you had a crush on?:i can't remember if it was mark mothersbough or boy george or tom cruise's character in legend but i really think it was mark mothersbough. no wait, it could have been dekard in blade runner. fuck. i can't remember.

what do you do when no one is looking?: stare off into space, but then again i do that anyways, whether or not anybody is looking. that and suck my thumb. shit i can't think of anything i do just when nobody is watching at all. i'm pretty honest. masturbate? is that what you want to hear?

you brush and floss?: i am a firm believer in personal hygiene.

pet peeves: these gawd damned bios and stupid quizzes

things i collect: friends, cds, cool toys, nifty sayings, stars, books about dead things and serial killers, stories, experiences, wigs, memorabilia, elvis things, video games, movies, carved buddhas, lanterns

favorite comic books: shade the ever changing man, lone wolf and son, force of buddha's palm, the big book of hell and many many others

biggest flaw: i'm told i worry to much and stress out about stupid things. let me just say this "try being me, for just one day and tell me if you think i worry -enough-."

biggest asset: i think quite literally my tits and ass would count, but if you mean figuratively i have no clue

favorite tv show as a child: twilight zone and saturday night live


If you were a god, what would you be the god of, and what would be your symbol?: i would want to be a silent god of calming whimsical oblivion. something that feels like it's everywhere and there all the time, but not so in your face. symbol, eh? hrm. i am rather fond of spirally thingies, but i think i wouldn't want to have a symbol, because then, as i've said, i don't want to be very in your face. i like being appreciated without horns blaring. maybe it's because i am really shy.

random things you like: loves to dance. does so badly, but will still dance the night away. likes to laugh. stares off into space. likes to just sit for hours and look at things. loves life. traveling and road trips. ROBOTS. meeting new people. places where music is played almost constantly. brightly colored hair. sleeping long hours and having vivid dreams. clear glass and shiny steel. reflection of street lights on wet roads. sidewalks and long talks that take place in the air. airplanes and single serving packets of things i'll never consume. cheese in a can and jokes about dead things coming after you. whiskey. and actually living a full productive life.

don't see a question you want answered, ask me.