frequently asked questions

date of introduction to the world: march 2, 1979

companion(s): a bird named gŁnter, 7 snails named bob v.2.0 - 2.7, two red ear slider turtles (one named MCA and the other Ad-Rock).

no significant other. but that doesn't make me desperate.

occupation: i live, and a web developer.

areas of art: model, paint, draw, sculpt, perform, photography, write, make films, computer imaging, design, sew, physical apperance alteration, conversation, decorate, live and dream.

religion: buddhist in philosphy, otherwise i have faith in nothing but myself

location:eastern united states

cam operations:

  • the cam's hours of operation vary
  • cam refreshes automatically every 30 seconds. be patient. please, do not hit resfresh constantly, it only wastes bandwidth, which costs me money i don't have to spare.

while on cam:

  • yes, i do suck my thumb.
  • yes, you can e-mail me and yes i do reply most of the time.
  • yes, sometimes you do see other people on the cam.
  • yes, sometimes i can be in various states of (un)dress.
  • no, i don't masturbate on cam.
  • no, i don't have sex on cam.
  • no, i don't smile like a feind when sitting at my computer.
  • no, you can not have my aim name or icq number.
  • no, there are no set times when the cam will be on


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